S02E09 – Credits

Episode Title: “Washington Holiday”
Original Air Date: 02/28/97

1100 Zulu
Brussels, Belgium



David James Elliott [Lt. Commander Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr.]
Catherine Bell [Maj. Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie]
Patrick Labyorteaux [Lt. (j.g.) Bud Roberts]
John M. Jackson as Admiral Chegwidden

Co-Executive Producer
Chas. Floyd Johnson

Created By
Donald P. Bellisario
1300 Zulu
JAG Headquarters
Falls Church, Virginia

“Washington Holiday”

Guest Starring
Steven Culp [Clayton Webb]
Kiersten Warren [Princess Alexandra]
Nancy Chambers [Megan O’Hara]
Karri Turner [Ensign Harriet Sims]
Christopher Neame []
Susan Vee [Ens. Nestor?]
Ricco Ross []
J. Downing []
Garth Wilton []
Hoke Howell []
David Rosen []
Michael Des Barres as King Josif

Co-Producer Jack Orman
Co-Producer R. Scott Gemmill
Producer Julie B. Watson
Consulting Producer Stephen Zito
Produced by Mark Horowitz
Supervising Producer Tom Towler
Written by Stephen Zito
Directed by Joe Napolitano

2330 Zulu
American Residence for
The King of Romania
Washington, D.C.

0245 Zulu
Senator Franklin’s Townhouse
Washington, D.C.

0500 Zulu
The Zoo Club

1400 Zulu
U.S.S. Kitty Hawk
Newport, Virginia

0535 Zulu
North of Union Station
Washington, D.C.

2100 Zulu
JAG Headquarters
Falls Church, Virginia
{Note: Bud is greeted with “Good Morning, Sir”–I doubt that it’s 2100 Zulu,
which would be 4pm in Virginia.}

1900 Zulu
Willard Hotel
Washington, D.C.

2330 Zulu
Willard Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Executive Producer
Donald P. Bellisario
Associate Producer Avery C. Drewe

Associate Producer David Bellisario

Music by Steven Bramson
Theme by Bruce Broughton

Tracy Effinger Club girl
Nancy Sullivan Senator’s Wife
Monique Edwards Maid
Sue Bugden 1st Assassin

Casting by Melissa Skoff, C.S.A.
Original Casting by Nan Dutton, C.S.A.

Director of Photography Hugo Cortina
Production Designer Bernard Hides
Edited By Thomas Petersen

Unit Production Manager Jim Weatherill

First Assistant Director David Fudge
Second Assistant Director Robert Scott

Art Director William Blanchard
Set Director Lynn Wolverton-Parker

Property Master George Tuers
Production Sound Mixer Sean Rush
Music Editor Bruce Frazier

Costume Supervisor Paul Dafelmair
Hair Stylist Catherine Marcotte
Make-up Artist Darrell L. McIntyre

Script Supervisor Billie L. Mayer
Stunt Coordinator Diamond Farnsworth
Special Effects Coordinator Larry Fuentes

Location Manager George Herthel
Production Coordinator Carmen Allard
Transportation Coordinator Dick White

Technical Advisors Matt Sigloch
Chuck DeCaro
Casting Executive Helen Mossler, C.S.A.

Post Production Supervisor Tina Albanese
Assistant Editor Bob McFalls
Post Production Assistant John Comfort

Assistant to Mr. Bellisario Tracey Davis
Assistant to Mark Horowitz Suzanne Bussard
Assistant Production
Coordinator Megan Mascena

Main Title Design Castle/Bryant/Johnsen
Sound Editing Echo Film Services, Inc.
Sound Supervisor Greg Schorer

Video Post Production Hollywood Digital
Film Lab Laser Pacific Media Corp.

The persons and
events depicted in
this picture are
fictitious. Any
similarity to actual
persons or events is

Copyright (c)
Paramount Pictures

All rights reserved.

This motion picture
is protected under
the laws of the
United States of
America and other
distribution, or
exhibition may result
in civil liability and
criminal prosecution.

JAG is a
Trademark TM of
Paramount Pictures.
/ \

Filmed with
Camera and Lenses


*Credits met dank aan Jag onscreen-credits*

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